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3-5 years old
High quality materials delivered monthly to boost your child’s curiosity and creativity.

Inside your Wonder Box

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Fun and interactive games allow your kids to absorb knowledge while having fun.

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Creative hands-on projects to enhance children’s interest in science, engineering and arts.

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Boost your children’s language skills with pretended play, stories and more!

Our high-quality materials and hand-made art projects will unlock your child’s unique creativity.

Grow through play with Tinkerer's game-based learning! Encourage creativity, decision-making and independent thinking with our expert-developed activity books and materials.

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Game-based activities and learning to help your child’s early cognitive development.

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Take a look at what you might get in our Wonder subscription

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Build, paint and play music! Explore pitch with the bird xylophone and cultivate rhythm with hedgehog handbells and crocodile castanets. Plus, enjoy an English phonics storybook and an activity book filled with maths, science, logic and art fun!

Under the Sea

Reel in the fun with Under the Sea! Your child will assemble a hand-cranked fishing rod so they can fish for felt sea creatures in a game that develops coordination and judgement skills. They will also get to store toys in a fish bag made with glittery foam and felt stickers, promoting creativity and good habits.

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Native Americans

Boost your child’s empathy by exposing them to different customs and cultures from across the globe. Your child will build a wooden bow and practice archery with safe paper arrows, then create a Native American headdress and quiver, in a project designed to foster creativity and fine motor skills.

What’s in the Box?

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Preschool Teaching and Play Project

Teach and play with fun themes! The Preschool Teaching and Play Project boasts high-quality materials, including 2-3 multi-sensory projects tailored to the kindergarten curriculum, and designed to foster exploration and learning.

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Learn through play

Allow your child to learn while they play with our Wonder Box! Each box comes with an activity book featuring maths, science, logical thinking and art projects to improve your child’s cognitive abilities through games and drawings.

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English phonics book

Help your child learn to read with our Wonder Box! Each box includes a Chinese or English children's phonics book by a British writer, teaching focused graphemes as well as independent reading and spelling skills through engaging stories.

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Graphic instructions

Cultivate your child’s creative self-confidence. Our colourful instruction manuals allow children to complete simple, hand-made activities with the guidance of an adult.

Topics Inside

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Nature and Living
Introduce your child to natural sciences. They will explore the natural world through projects featuring underwater worlds, bioluminescent creatures, polar animals and more.
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Pretend Play
By dressing up as doctors, pirates and more, your child will strengthen their creativity and empathy, exploring themselves and the world.
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Arts and Creativity
Allow your child to experience multi-sensory creative skills, such as ice painting, faded dye, and yarn weaving.
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The World Around Us
Encourage children to develop their curiosity and explore the world around them through colours, numbers and more.
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Science and Engineering
Preschool STEAM topics will nurture your child’s scientific curiosity.
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Social and Emotional Strength
Encourage teamwork, communications and mutual understanding between children.
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Physical Development
Improve and train gross and fine motor skills through a variety of hands-on activities.
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Maths and Logic
Our magazines contain fun games and activities aimed at improving your child’s mathematical and logical skills.
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Language and Literacy
English phonics storybooks will boost your child’s reading skills and language abilities.
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Nature and Living
An introduction to natural sciences, such as underwater world, bioluminescent creatures, polar animals and other topics to help children learn natural science.
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What do customers say about their Wonder subscription?

My young son found his first Wonder Box to be quite challenging at first, but we can see his confidence and abilities improving every month, and he can now complete most of the activities by himself after several boxes. The phonics reading books are very pretty and my son loves to read them. The greatest thing about Wonder Boxes is that our son loves to show off his completed projects and we can really see how this is improving his confidence and attitude to problem solving.

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How to subscribe?

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Select your box

Choose a product line and subscribe, the minimum subscription price is GBP£ 0.00 per month! Try out our products and switch between product lines at any time.


Wait for your box

Your first box will be dispatched within three working days after ordering. Afterwards, boxes will be sent out around the 15th every month during your subscription period.


Create and Play

Enjoy a scientific and artistic journey of discovery with your children with our boxes containing everything you need including high quality materials, informative magazines and fun DIY suggestions.

Start investing in your child’s scientific, practical and creative skills today!

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